Three Search Engine Optimization Fantasies

Search engine optimization has been around for a long time now. It has become incredibly popular because search engines have been advancing rapidly due to the incredible growth of the internet. The past few years have seen a significant evolution in the art of ranking in the SERPs, or SEO as it is also known. It is important that you are aware of all the misinformation that appears whenever anything gains such large proportions. While they appear to be real and can be quite frightening, many of the SEO myths you hear are nothing more than stories. This article will cover some of these stories and prove them wrong.

Let's start with the idea that you have to optimize long tail keywords in order to have them rank well. Many articles, courses and forum posts have repeated this myth over the years. In reality, long tail keywords are, by definition, not competitive, because there is not much search volume for them, so you don't have to optimize them. You can rank for long tail keywords without much effort. You don't have to optimize, you only have to insert these keywords somewhere on your website. It's as easy as that. You can get some get more info easy traffic from these keywords, as they require no special optimization effort.

The words in your Meta tag do not need to be used on that particular page. Although this idea has been disproven, it is still taught. The real purpose of Meta tags was to find and use keywords not already on a page, not the other way around. But the main point is, Google doesn't really count this tag anymore and Yahoo! uses it for other not so important purposes, which doesn't make a difference in the first place.

The belief that your HTML code cannot contain tables is another SEO myth. This too is a myth that has no basis in fact. HTML tables have always been spidered by the search engines, right from the day they started. Search engines can see and recognize table code without any difficulty. This false belief is often repeated by web developers who say that you can get higher rankings with tableless designs.

Despite the fact that these myths are quite widespread, you shouldn't allow them to make your search engine optimization efforts even harder. When you're starting to promote your site or any site with the search engines, it's important to make sure that you know what the truth is, so that you may put your efforts in the right direction.

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